No morning sickness

I'm 6 weeks tomorrow and had not much morning sickness it's wired with my first I was already being sick by the 5 weeks mark and had HG till 35 weeks ...I feel like I don't want to jinx it but it's just super wired to me how I still feel good 😂😂I know I have a long way to go but is anyone else experiencing little to no sickness 😂♥️🤦‍♀️
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Don’t say it! I did the same. I had HG from 4 weeks. Had zero symptoms with this one until Saturday 6+2 the nausea has arrived

Did you have a girl first? X

I have absolutely no sickness whatsoever and haven’t done at all. I’m 9+1 with a little girl. Don’t know if gender makes a difference but perhaps this one is a different gender to your first?

@Alina yes I had a girl first ♥️

@Donna well this time I have been having cravings like pickled jalapenos and cucumber and some sour foods whereas first time with my little girl all I craved was french fries and ice-cream/mainly sweet things 😂

This thread is giving me hope for a little girl 😍 (disclaimer: I don't actually mind ofc)

@Holly I was only asking as some people have lots of morning sickness and they have a girl. For myself I had a boy and i was only sick 5 times during first trimester. My nieces mum was very ill all the time. Of course its not always the case but it could be 😁 but I haven't had any sickness either. There's been a Couple of times where a wave of nausea comes over but nothing major yet 🤣

I’m 7 week and 3 days and I was only sick one morning but get nausea

I’m not experiencing anything much

@Alina I was honestly so sick the first time I couldn't even go out to do anything or even get myself anti sickness as I was puking even just drinking water ...this time I have got my anti sickness at the ready and hope that's it's not like last time because it was brutal I properly puked 20 or more times a day ,now this time around I thought I'd be feeling it by now ....I don't mind it tho going with it 😂😂I just feel blessed that I'm not sick right now ♥️

Following as curious to see if this continues. I was also so so sick with my first, had HG and was medicated. I dread being pregnant again for that reason but do want another. I had a girl first time too. Maybe it was because of all the extra hormones? I have no idea but I’m with you, it was horrendous! Xx

@Holly I am going to keep my eye on sickness and based on that I am going to make a guess if I'm having a boy or girl 😅

Same! 5 weeks and no sickness or nausea! With my first I had hg starting week 4 ish and it was a boy! I'm sure it'll come soon but I'm living blissfully atm😂

I had HG and had a girl my sister had HG and had a boy! So I definitely don’t think having HG means you’ll have a certain gender! I know a hand full of people with HG who have had boys / girls!! X

With mine the sickness hit me like a tonne of bricks at 7 weeks

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