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I put my daughter in her snuggle but she enjoys my bed sometimes I put no covers near her but her dad leaves causes her to squirm and wake herself up to early so I bring her into bed with me and she passes out is that bad? She’s on her back no cosvss and I’m right beside her keeping her safe she’s on a pillow her whole body?
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I don't see why it would be a problem if you are awake

I wouldn’t say bad no, but depending on her neck position could be possible chance for positional asphyxiation if she is sinking into the pillow - rather than sleeping on a flat surface such as your mattress. I co sleep with my little boy. I follow SS7. But even so, my HV absolutely hates that I do it. Do what is best for you and baby!

@Bethany like her neck is fine but I only put her on a pillow so I can get the covers out of the way and then she moves to the bed and she’s out like I get up at 6 for this and I keep a hand on her at all times

I cosleep with my daughter in the mornings all the time till I need to get out of bed! I’m not a very heavy sleeper when she is in bed with me and I make sure she is safe. I’ll often times when I can contact nap. My daughter sleeps so much better but most of the time she is in her crib. Mommas got stuff I gotta get done on days off 😂

My daughter wouldn't sleep without a pillow or blanket/swaddle. She's is almost 8 months now and has her own pillow and blanket. I always had an eye on her and was a big "nothing by her and no cosleeping" until I had her and after the first few weeks. She's never had an issue with her pillow or blanket and would always turn on to her tummy. The key thing is just making sure your baby does well with it. Now she can sit up and crawl so it's not as big of a deal now. Every baby is different and if it is working for you and there are no risk signs keep doing it!

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