Fighting bedtime

The past 3 nights my almost 10 month old is fighting bedtime. He goes down for naps fine. I’ve always rocked him until he’s almost asleep or asleep. I’ll lay him down rub his back and he’s out. However, the past 3 nights it’s taken over an hour. I rock him lay him down he pretends to be asleep then I grab the monitor and he’s standing up. He’ll play for a bit then cry. I go rock him again lay him down he stands right back up. Just repeat until he puts himself to sleep. He’s getting about 3 hours of nap time during the day total, and I know he’s tired as he’s rubbing his eyes and yawning when I rock him. I tried pushing bedtime later last night and same thing. Is anyone else’s little one doing the same? Picture of little man after a nap for attention.
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My girl has been going to sleep the same as always (I also rock to sleep and then transfer) but lately she has taken to waking every hour-1.5, I'm lucky if she goes 2 hours. But then easily back to sleep with rocking... :/

You may have to cut his naps down during the day. typically whenever my little one gets too much day time sleeps she’s a pain to get to bed at night my little one is only allowed two one hour naps or 1 three hour nap

Following because Im in the same boat🥲

First of all your little guy is such a cutie!! Also want to start this response with a statement that I really don’t believe in cry it out! This is our bedtime routine and it’s been working awesome. 1. Dinner 6-6:30ish 2. Bath- 6:30- 7ish or when he gets cranky 3. Diaper, lotion, jammies, bottle 4. Rock and read- 7-7:30ish- sleep sack before last book (we do the same last book every night) 5. Prayers- quick 6. Sound machine on 7. Lay in bed- asleep by about 7:45-8p Also I do not put him down to play once his PJs are on. We do calm activities only and spend time snuggling to prepare for bed. There are some nights he doesn’t go down exactly between 7:30 and 8. But there’s not much crying either. He does stand up sometimes or talks to himself. But this lasts maybe 10-15min max. Having the routine SUPER helps. We ALL know what’s next and it puts us in the right headspace to finish strong. I’m no expert this is what we do and it works- most days. Whatever you do- try not to worry!

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