Bf wants a baby, but I don't want anymore

My bf has no kids, and I have 2. We were talking, and he said that he has baby fever. I replied jokingly with "stay away", because I do not want anymore children for many reasons. He then said that he is hurt, and he needs to process his feeling, because he wants kids of his own. I get and understand his side and position, but I do not want to change my mind to make him happy. I am content, and happy focusing on my babies, and adding another to my life would ultimately make me unhappy, due to personal bad experiences with pregnancy, and labour, and being a single mom twice. I can't handle it. Should I end things, so that we can both be happy?
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Since this was not discussed before the relationship started it's best to end things if you really don't want any more children. He can find someone he can build his family with and you can be happy with the family you have.

Definitely end things. You can’t hold on to him and spoil his chances of a family with another woman the same way he can’t ask you to have a baby for him when you’re clearly done. It will be better for you both xxx

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