My toddler woke from her nap and was very hot, upset and very irritable. No temperate but have given her some Calpol to ease her. Has anyone had anything like this before? It’s been over a hour and she’s still very upset unless in my arms and still feels hot to touch. Thanks
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Mine has woken up the exact same! Refused her lunch but did ask for some strawberries and raisins but didn’t each much, I’m just watching her to see how she does, might’ve just woken up feeling off after nap x

@Georgina how is she now? My little girl is back to herself now, think she just woke up in a bad mood but she really scared me with the heat coming off her and the crying😂 maybe they’re teething? I know my little one hasn’t got her last back teeth yet xx

Mine too. She’s barely eaten anything (the occasional bits of chocolate digestive) since Saturday, then just been upset constantly since her nap this arvo and not even wanting water. So not like her to be off her food or to be this upset

She was back to herself and then come Dinner time another big breakdown so said to my partner I think it’s her teeth x she’s currently having an ice pole and cuddles with her dad after refusing everything else xx

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