Sphinx cats

I’m just wondering if anybody in here has a sphinx cat/kitten with a 5/6 month old or knows someone who does and how the kitten/cat is with baby etc? Or a have any advice on how to deal with a kitten and a baby? I’ve been wanting one since I was a little girl and my boyfriends barber has a sphinx kitten for sale (a boy) and we are seriously thinking about getting him because he knows how much I want one.
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I don’t have a sphinx but I can imagine majority of cats are similar. My cat isn’t really bothered about my baby. We had her though before my LO came along. She sniffs him sometimes but she’s not interested really she hasn’t seemed jealous etc. But if your introducing a kitten to a baby I would think you’ll be fine as a kitten won’t understand like an adult cat may about children etc so hopefully the kitten will get used to your LO. Just make sure you give kitten attention as well and plenty of strokes cuddles love etc so they don’t feel left out x

I have four cats and all of them adjusted to baby very well. The benefits of a kitten is training and growing up together. The only thing to watch is the claws cause kittens are still learning just like babies.

My two cats love my son and get along well, now that he can crawl and walk and play with their toys with them they constantly follow him around to play and get love, even if he still pinches and needs to be told no or smacks them instead of a nice pet, he has been swatted at a few times for grabbing their tails or ears and pulling on them beofre i could stop him, so as long as you supervise any interaction until you feel comfortable you know the cats personal temperance then I feel comfortable to leave the room and not be watching every second and be right beside him. I'm just glad my cats as kittens had my six year old niece to experience babies because sometimes older cats can't be socialized like that so it's good that it seems like the cat you want to get is quite young, that's when socializing them helps the most and makes the biggest impact

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