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Hi mamas! I went to my 36week appointment today for my last ultrasound. Did anyone else have to go through the NST testing? Baby wasnt doing much of the practice breathing.
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I go for weekly nst testing as a high risk patient. It's about 20-40 minutes hooked up to the monitors where they check for at least 5 spikes in heart rate for baby. Then a quick ultrasound to check baby's position and fluid

I have them weekly - they’re super easy and it’s nice to sit and listen to the baby’s heartbeat for so long. The equipment feels ancient

We did this weekly with my first and are starting this week for my second (33wks). I'm high risk so they are just checking, not a big deal. Husband loves them and calls them baby raves. He usually dances around the room to the baby's heartbeat. It's easy they put a couple straps on you and give you a button to press when baby moves and you just hang out.

I go twice a week, and if anything I find them reassuring to listen to his heart for that long. Just look at it as extra time to love on your little and make sure he’s doing good in there!

I have my first NST next week and my doctor said I will rotate that and BPPs weekly until she’s here. Do we do anything to keep for NST?

@Brooke just show up 😊 they'll out 2 monitors on your belly, 1 for baby's heartbeat and 1 to monitor contractions.

I get one a week due to small baby measurements, as a precaution. They’re not bad! It’s kinda fun to see what gets the baby excited. One time he was sleepy so they gave me apple juice to wake him up. He got so worked up over that juice he immediately kicked the NST sensor hard enough through my belly it moved out of position 😂 another time he was sleepy and I played his favorite song on speaker, saw his heart rate increase 😊

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