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So I’ve always been pretty driven and ambitious in my career, money, etc. like always thinking of my next project, next business idea, how I will start getting to the next level financially. But since having the baby is like all that drive is gone, like I could care less. All I want is to take care of my baby and focus on being a mom. I don’t have that luxury really because I am on my own. So I pay for everything. But, I am just doing the bare minimum to get by. Like going through the motions in autopilot. Anyone else feeling like this? And any suggestions maybe to get through it?
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Well, you got to remember that your hormones are crazy and all over the place, especially like the 1st year after having your child, especially if you are breastfeeding. Your momma bear is in high alert, and you just want to take care of and protect your little one. Trust me, I have been raising my son alone, and that instinct will kid back in. Just takes some time, and now that you're a mom, your goals in life will change, and things that used to be important just don't matter at all.

Pretty normal, I'd say! Your priorities have changed and your life is much busier. I'm going back to work now after my second and at the moment it's about survival. I'll put up with quite a lot from work because it pays the bills. I'm sure my ambition will come back a bit in the next year or two but right now I'm working to live rather than the other way around. It's the same for my husband.

100%! I am not looking forward to returning from mat leave simply because I am so obsessed with this little potato 😍 before leaving for leave, I was talking to my manager about a senior role haha and now I'm like I can't wait to just coast so I have more time for him

It sounds like you're already doing a lot of work being Mum & on your own?! Thats A LOT and not to be underestimated! Take it easy on yourself, give yourself grace.You're already working hard!

💯 in the same boat here! X

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