Birth debrief

Has anyone had one yet? Was it helpful?
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Not had one but thinking I’d like to - just be helpful to go through things to help me process everything and so I’m in the best position if I do go on to have more x

@Naomi yes same here, it was nothing like I imagined so think it’ll be a good way to process it all too xx

How does those work?

I had a really traumatic experience and will definitely be doing this especially as I know I haven't been told the truth

@Georgia how do you do a birth debrief?

@Elodie I was offered it while I was in hospital still after giving birth. I think if you have a traumatic experience then they offer it but you can also request one as well if not. It’s just a chance to go through all your hospital notes and your birth experience with a specialist birth trauma midwife (I think) to get a better understanding of why things happened the way it did x

@Elodie every hospital has a 'listening hub' or it might be called something different depending on the hospital. You can request your birth notes and make an appointment to sit down with the doctors to talk about what and why things happened.

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