Pick up put down

Anyone doing the Pick up Put down method?
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Never heard of it. Gonna go Google now.

Okay. Looked it up. We do this sometimes. I do a little bit of everything. Sometimes drowsy and awake works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I rock her to sleep, and we contact nap. Sometimes I transfer her. Sometimes I put her in her bassinet awake, and she fusses. I pick her up, calm her down, and put her back. It all just depends.

We are doing Taking Cara Babies and to say I was SUPER skeptical is an understatement but it works for us!! We are using the SITBACK method and he is learning to put himself asleep now and it's been life changing

I tried the pick up put down, but I think it made him more upset. I’m on day 5 of Ferber/graduated extinction. I told myself I would let him cry for 15 min max and we haven’t gotten there yet. I definitely notice it helping! Less night wakings too. My heart definitely was crushed that first day but now we’re just down to a couple min of crying and he puts himself to sleep. Hoping at this rate he’ll fall asleep on his own wirh no tears by the end of the week! 🤞🏻

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