Need to know I'm not the only one! I'm 7 weeks and this morning for the first time I felt normal no sickness no bloating. Then come midday it was like I got hit with a ton of bricks! No energy is feeling terrible. Don't help I'm forcing myself to eat because of no appetite!
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I have the same symptoms as you, sometimes I feel very hungry and sometimes I’m nauseous and loss of appetite, also I feel Like sleeping all day and doing nothing .. days and days

@Raluca I feel for you! This is my 3rd pregnancy and I always forget this part haha I'm counting down the days

Same with me today. Seems to be afternoon and evenings x

I feel exhausted today and I'm 6w5d xxx

I think I could be also lacking in iron, I've started iron tablets today.

I did this Two days ago I read online it’s normal : I woke with barely any symptoms really tired less twinges that day (I’m 8 weeks this weekend) then bang next day all back huge boobs, more twinges like muscle pulling I was very tired that day too im putting it down to release of hormones and growth or something. (Not a medical professional or anything)

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