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So I posted about boy names but at my anatomy scan today I found out she’s a girl 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ so I am lost for girl names please comment some unique girl names and help a mama out lol I already have an Arabella, Naomi and Aaliyah.
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Amber, rae, sapphire , Sofia, zara, crystal, summer, starr, Jean, June, jayne , Julia, juliet, Jessica, Katherine, kath, cara, kerry, bethany, aimee, Amy, Amanda, Tara,

My daughters name is Aspyn

My daughters name is Keonii (kee oh nee) nickname kiki

Another ‘n’ name would make sense Natalia Nola Nora Nina Niamh

I feel like the 4th girl should also have an N name. It’ll sound and look cohesive that way. And just knowing how some little girls may think, it could help prevent the two A name girls dividing themselves from the others. I’m not sure how well I explained that but here are N names I like with that list: Nadine Navine Noelle Nalani Nyla

I have an Aliyah, Everleigh & Violet. Their angel sisters names are Araya , Lilah, Serenity & Ella

Agree with @Tay. Two A names and two N names looke more cohesive and collective.

Saraphina, Olympia, Xenia, Adalina,Carina, Davina, Melina, Estella,

Noelle, Bellamy, Savannah, Heidi, Brooklyn

Arabella, Naomi, Aaliyah & Nora Zali Nia Lorna

@Tay I agree with you I love the name Noelle and Nalani

Neyati Avelina Adelynn Adelaide Norah Quinn Sabrina Selena Acelya Cecilia Sasha Amira Astoria Kaliyah Cali Heidi Serena Ilana Isla Chloe Julietta Marina Jasmine

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