Advice please!

10+1 today and haven't got a call from the midwife. I am down in her book since 7 weeks, messaged the GP couple of times for them to only assure me I am still in the book 😳 Phoned the community midwife office and they sent email to chase up. No self referral options in my area... I am just sitting and waiting and wondering what next. Who do I approach? I can't pause the pregnancy... It is getting me worried.
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Just rock up to the GP Maybe in person it will get sorted x

I wouldn’t worry, first appointments are normally a few days before scan x

I would just ring up every day and say you're getting concerned. I saw my midwife at 7 weeks (was 8 last time) and they then organise the 12 week appointment and scan etc so you need to make sure you're booked in for that. Ring the GP and speak to someone or as Sam said go there in person to chase it up and find out

If you are really worried , you can try for a private scan, I know is not cheap but for your reassurance.. I’m currently 7 w and nobody contacted me but I assume maybe it’s too early ..

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