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I’m thinking of changing my little girl from aptamil to hipp organic we also did try kendamil for a while but I think it was too heavy for her and aptamil doesn’t seem to be agreeing with her either! Did anyone find hipp organic good ?
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My boy drinks anything, kendamil, aptamil, sma, and hipp organic. My friend uses hipp organic exclusively and loves it.

In what way is it not agreeing with her? What symptoms does she have? Do you think she may have a tummy problem or allergy that may be causing this? Aptamil didn’t agree with my boy so switched to c&g then ended up on nutramigen and now Neocate! This is the most settled I’ve seen him on Neo. I saw a girl on tiktok ending up on hipp organic though after aptamil and her boy agreed with it for a while then didn’t about a month afterwards they also ended up on allergy milk. Do what you think will be best for your little girl I hope you manage to find something that works for her x

@Bethany she hard to get wind up and like she get little tummy cramps. What was your little ones symptoms for an allergy

I used to give him Kendamil and then SMA but now for the last month or so we have only been using Hipp organic, he is 9 weeks and doesn’t have any gas issues anymore (which he had before) and his poos are also more regular

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