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Anyone with toddlers around the age of 15/16months put them into nursery? I’m going to have a look around one by my home on Friday for possibly choosing to send my baby in September when he will be 16months old. I’m doing it purely for his benefit as he rarely socialises with other children, only adults and it’s the same rotation of adults daily (poor child😂🥱). I just wanted to know what questions do I ask? My son is currently still have a morning and afternoon nap but I feel he may drop his morning nap soon as it’s shortening. How do your children sleep at nursery? I’m just worried he won’t sleep at all as he’s such a fomo baby. So when he gets back home I’ll have a cranky baby until bedtime which I really wouldn’t want as I’d like to enjoy that time with him. Also can I request like some sort of meal planner from them? Like what they will eat during the day etc? And lastly how much are you guys paying if you do not receive the funding? I’m looking at a morning and afternoon session on a Thursday and Friday and it’s going to cost £260 a month. Any ideas would be brilliant 🥰
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I think in this age they just need their parents instead looking nursery take him local children centre groups so he can interact with other children soon he will be three and start nursery he have plenty of time to socialise just enjoy this time together 😻

@Sarb I understand but that’s not what I was asking. Thankyou

Hi my baby goes four days a week as a work. He loves it, they get so much out of it . Some September he may be eligible for the 15 free hours per week. Xx

I put my son in 3 mornings when he was 14 months and it was the best decision. Yes there were lots of tears to start with but now he’s 19 months and loves it. They do loads of fun activities, always trying new things and he eats better there then at home! He’s been going since Jan and only been off one day with sickness. With regards to the nap, he has a nap when he gets home around 1ish. But he would nap fine there when he was younger. I just provided sheets and blanket. I would ask for a meal plan and also ask the following: - do they have an app or something where you can watch your child? Some nurseries don’t allow this due to data protection but we get daily updates and pictures on an app - is there a qualified nurse on site - what is the teacher/child ratio - do you need to provide nappies/wipes - how often do they change nappies - are your staff first aid trained - are toys sanities daily Finally, go and look at a few and go with your gut! Good luck! X

@Uzma Thankyou so much this is extremely helpful x

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