Have you actually made any mum friends on this app?

I match with people, talk for a few days sometimes weeks, then it’s radio silence 🙃 I am so socially awkward and the thought of the parent & baby groups make me feel sick, but I would absolutely love to actually make some mum friends. I’m the only person in our friendship group with a child (who is a beautiful 7 month old girl).
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Same I just feel like people are just here to vent but not actually build a connection like friendship, meet ups and stuff. They will message you than ghost you lolll feels more like a dating app

I have made a mum friend from here. We live very close to each other but we haven’t met up yet due to things in our own life’s yet we speak everyday. There are some people on here who really do want to make friendships xx

I’ve made a mom friend from on here!! It was actually my old next door neighbour who never got chance to speak to in person but still we never would of met without this app😂🤷🏻‍♀️

@Gracia it really does! It’s so disheartening! There were a few people I got chatty with for a while, then they just stopped and only reply (sometimes) if I message them first 🥲

@Abi you lucky thing! I’ve been on here since I was pregnant, but haven’t had any luck making a proper friend like that

Honestly, I really try to make friends on here, but I'm the problem. I will start to message, get distracted, and forget to reply until too much time has passed😅

I'm trying to be better

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