Baby poo

Is this ok? Baby is 3 months and is EBF… she’s going every 3 days currently
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I can’t answer about whether this seems ok or not… but what is that nappy? Seems to be doing a fine old job of holding that poop right in there!

Mine was getting poops like this…. I thought it was normal… turns out he has reflux & cmpa..

My LB has recently been doing very runny poos like the pic above - not BF however is on Neocate formula. I’ve noticed that as the poos lessened in amount they got more mucusy (if that’s a word).. I think he might be teething and that’s what is causing them to be looser x

I exclusively breastfed and my little one sometimes does poo like that

I BF and my baby sometimes does poos like that. My Dr didn’t seem concerned

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