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My little boy is 9 months and pulling up and wanting to stand at things. We don't really have any furniture that is the right height for him to stand at. I wondered if anyone has a table for their baby yet? I was planning on getting an IKEA kids table (either Latt or Flisat) for him at some point when he was a bit older but actually could see him possibly using it now with support from me if I put toys or sensory activities on the table. Does anyone recommend, or not, either the IKEA Latt, Flisat or some other kids table and chair set?
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We’ve got the Flisat table and the chairs in the picture for our eldest. The table is nice and sturdy but the chairs are too light for a baby to use to lean on x

I got my son a walker he can push and an activity table he can stand up on both £5 from Facebook market place

Same as above we have that table and chairs for my 3 year old I think we started using it around 18 months. My 9 month old has been walking for 3 weeks and she pulls up at the table no problem but the chairs are too light and almost dangerous if she tries

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