Is membrane sweep painful?

If you’ve had your membrane swept, is it painful? I’ve read for some it’s uncomfortable and for some it’s painful, of course it depends on pain tolerance. My due date is Thursday and if nothing happens naturally before Friday I’m scheduled to get my membrane swept in hopes to speed things along.
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I had it done three times with my second. The first time was sort of painful, it feels like a hard cramp. The second and third time, didn’t hurt at all. I still ended up induced but my delivery was SO much easier with my second (pushed for 4 hours with my first while my second came out with one push). I don’t know if it was because he was my second or if it was the sweep. I also got the membrane sweep with my third son, it didn’t hurt at all. Again I ended up induced though due to high blood pressure but again he was out in one push!

It’s uncomfortable especially because you aren’t sure what to expect. But I lost my mucus plug the next day Andy water broke at home a week later. I will do it every time with my pregnancies! It does feel like an intense period cramp. But it’s quick.

My one and only time I got it, it didn’t hurt for me!

Didn’t hurt, just felt a lot of pressure.

For me personally it was painful all 3 times

I didn’t even get one with my last pregnancy. My doctor is beyond lazy. I’m asking him for one this week.

@Blair oh noo! When are you due?

@Lauren exactly a week from today

@Blair so close, hang in there! Hopefully something happens naturally before getting membrane sweep😊

I had it done once just felt like a bit of pressure I went into labor that night. I’m sure that sweep did it and labor was quick !

Wasn’t painful for me just uncomfortable 🥴

It was painful for me. My midwife only did it once.

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