Are too many scans bad?

I've suffered from reoccurring loses, and we are very surprised we've made it this far. We were seeing a specialist in early pregnancy from 6-12 weeks to make sure we got through the first trimester. During this period I had 4 ultrasounds, then my booking/12 week scan, a private scan at 15 weeks, a scan today at 17+3 with my consultant and I have my anomaly scan next Friday. So that's 8 scans before 20 weeks 😬 I got told because of my reoccurring loses that from 28 weeks, I'll be getting scanned every 2 to 3 weeks. I just feel like it's a lot of ultrasounds!!Considering a lot of woman just get 2.
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Have as many as you want!! I had one at 7wks, 9wks, 12 wks 15 weeks and got one booked for 18 weeks and then my 20 week! Xx

With my first i had a scan once a week from weeks 6-14. Then had gender scan at 16 weeks. 2 20 week scans due to poor positioning of baby and 2 4d scans at 29 & 30 weeks due to positioning x

I've had one at 6w, 8w, 9w, 12w, 14w and 16w... and I will probably have a private one before my 20w one too! It's an anxious time for sure and I don't think it does any damage... I'm sure they wouldn't do it otherwise 😊

I think I read that you can have one every two weeks if you wanted to xx

I've only had one loss, but as it's IVF and I'm 43 the anxiety has been crazy!!! I'd LOVE extra scans just for the added reassurance! I've been told my placenta is across the front (again, as it was with my son 16 years ago🙃) so I won't be able to feel movement/kicks as strong as others, or until I'm much further along. Had a couple of little bleeds, so had blood tests and a few scans at EPU before 12 weeks. We were going to have another reassurance scan before we give away, after I stop Progesterone again (as I bled a few days after last time) but at my midwife appointment yesterday, because of the anxiety, she's giving me an extra appointment so we can at least hear the baby's heartbeat 💓 I have high risk factors and last pregnancy was going to have lots of scans to check growth...this time haven't been offered those yet, but midwife said we'll discuss it at my next appointment 💞☯️💖 So basically, I'd welcome all the scans I could get 😄 Best of luck 💖

I'll have had 7 before 20 weeks due to our pregnancy history too. It's fine and lots of people need to have more

i’ve had 7 scans before my 20 week scan due to my anxiety going crazy! this is my first pregnancy and i read as long as you leave it a week preferably 2 there’s nothing wrong with that!! have as many as puts you at ease! xx

There's no danger to having frequent scans. There is a slight heating effect from ultrasound but not enough to raise yours or baby's temperature.

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