How often are your BF babies drinking?

My 6 month old is feeding every 1-2 hours. Wake windows can be 3+ hours.
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Mine goes about 3 hours between feeds now and is awake about 3 hours at a time. Every baby is different though!

We are pretty similar. My girl goes pretty my every 2 hours on the dot. Wake windows are 2.5-3 hours. Normally slightly longer before bedtime. She goes down around 19:30 and wakes around 6:30 x

Drinking every 2-3 hours still (stretched to 4 hours overnight yay haha 😂) Wake windows are 1.5 - 2.5 hours... If it's longer, he gets SO grumpy and overtired, he just can't handle the longer wake window yet 🤷‍♀️ Even 2.5hrs is pushing it! Even though I know some babies are happily doing 3+ hrs!

Thank you all for your replies. Our baby is still feeding so regularly. Every 1-2 hours and wake windows can be 3+ exhausted mama x

Feeding every 2hrs during the day and 7-9hrs overnight. His wake windows are a max of 2 1/2hrs before he gets angry

Feeding Every 3 hours sometimes longer stretches at night if he doesn't wake up. (4-5 hours occasionally) His wake windows also can be 3+ hours as sometimes it's impossible to put him down for a nap as he fights it however it seems a bit better now for the last few days.

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