Has anyone had Hyperthyroidism after pregnancy?

Hi👋🏻 Has anyone had Hyperthyroidism after pregnancy? What were your symptoms? How long after giving birth did you get diagnosed? My son was born 5 months ago and ever since I have been dizzy everyday 24/7. It has been a struggle for doctors to diagnose me because all my test and exams were coming out normal and in the beginning no one would treat me accordingly because I was postpartum. Finally last week I was diagnosed with high thyroid, which could explain my dizziness (hopefully) and alot of other symptoms I’ve been having. My doctors think my thyroid is off from pregnancy and it just didnt show in the blood work till now even though I was symptomatic. Curious, has this happened to anyone else? I’m trying to be hopeful but not overly excited if my dizziness isnt from this.
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I’ve had subclinical hyperthyroidism during my first pregnancy where it wasn’t bad enough to treat. I had no symptoms. After my second pregnancy It got so bad I was having heart palps fast hr anxiety & other stuff. I saw an endo and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Went on mediation and now I’m better. Are you seeing an endocrinologist? Also what are your symptoms?

Did you have dizziness? I have heart palpitations and racing heart. I actually have alot of the hyperthyroidism symptoms. But my main concern is heart and dizziness and feeling faint. I did see and endocrinologist a couple months ago because of my blood sugar was all over the place after birth and i was having issues with my cortisol levels too but everything resolved. I do however have a follow up soon and my dr is reaching out to the endo they have one call. I have to get more blood work and an ultrasound done to determine if mine is temporary or permanent and how they want to treat it.

Ive also been having problems with my blood pressure. Thats what I originally saw my pcp for, my blood pressure kept dropping the past 2 months and I felt faint often and my heart would race at random times for no good reason.

@Avey dizziness was only when I was pregnant. And not often either. The main thing for me was the heart racing and palps. I hope you get your answers soon! It really sounds like it’s your thyroid going wonky.

@Kira I had dizziness when I was pregnant too, it got worse after delivery. Hopefully this is the answer, been rough 5 months. Btw, my sister name is Kira. Spelled the same way. Everyone else spells it differently.

@Avey omg really 😆 I like the Kira way the best. Are you gonna go on medication? That really helped me feel better.

Yes I do too! I will go on something after they do more test. She has to determine if my symptoms are temporary because of pregnancy and they just treat the symptoms or if its permanent and needs to be treated fully.

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