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Hi all my one year old is pretty bunged up and was up from 1.15 this morning couldn't settle at all and when he did it wasn't for very long what I can I do to help him settle as he loves his sleep and naps I feel useless he's got baby vapour rub and I've got Calpol he has a bath every night and has a warm bottle of milk is there anything I can give him to help him settle doesn't help where he's teething aswell doesn't help when my three week old has a cold aswell so all going around would it be safe to bath him give he I'm a warm bottle and some Calpol before bed to see if that helps settle him I don't know how I can make him comfy in his bed aswell
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If he’s bunged up have you tried the snot sucker? They’re pretty gross but they work in terms of clearing the airways?

Aww it’s hard isn’t it. We have a 2.5 yo and 4 week and my newborn caught her cold in the first few weeks of coming home. For the newborn I used the Sterimar Baby Nasal Spray, safe for newborns combined with the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator to drag the mucus out. Worked well for congestion. That sucker is amazing. For the last toddler, try propping them up a bit at night from the head. I put a small folded towel under the head of the mattress to elevate the head slightly to help with breathing. You can also use the nasal spray and sucker on them too. And Calpol is also my go-to! Espesh for teething! And the teething powder works rubbed on gums too. 🙏🏻

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