Do I need to replace my car seat after a minor accident?

Is it the law to replace a car seat after a minor accident? Was a small prang to the back of the car when reversing at 5/7 mph.
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it’s not the law, but it is recommended. there’s no way to really know 100% if the seat is damaged inside and if it would malfunction in the event of another accident. however, i also believe you can use your own intuition, you were the one who felt the collision and i can’t imagine much damage being done at such a slow speed. it’s really up to you what to do x

What @Abby said! And if you do get rid of your car seat, make sure to cut the straps so if anyone finds it they won’t use it

Definitely recommended because you don't know what could have possibly happened to the inside of the car seat. Honestly at only 5-7mph I probably wouldn't myself but that's a risk you take

If you’re claiming on your insurance you should be able to include a new car seat in your claim

our insurance told us that if it’s a tiny accident less than 10mph. like if you reverse into something, it isn’t required. and they won’t cover it so it isn’t really worth it

If you claim on insurance you can get another new one to be on the safe side

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