How soon can you find out the gender of your baby? By blood work
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Advice from one to another… I was I think week 13-16 I would avoid it it’s so expensive like hella but yes by week 13-16 but it takes 5 years to get the results not literally but it’s like omg hurry tf up I was to excited lol

I have 3 kids, age 4, 1, 3 wks old and each kid I got the gender blood test done and I got it done at 10-13 weeks and it took mine 1-2 weeks to come back, meanwhile it feels like it takes forever 😩 & the gender was correct for each child of mine. Now if you have twins it can be wrong. I have a friend that the test said twin girls, but she ended up having a boy and girl.

I got mine done at 8 weeks.

I did sneakpeek at 8 weeks and it only took a few days to get results and I got to do it at home

Like 9 weeks

Sneak peak! I was 8-9 weeks

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