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What do you guys do wirh your picky eaters?! My son will be 11 months next week and not a fan of any real food except the teethers and real bacon. For him to really take purées ir has to be mixed with his formula. Unsure what to do at this point nutritionist not much help.
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Mine loves food off my plate. He will eat most things if he sees me eating it. Shepherds pie was a hit recently. For breakfast we do baby oatmeal with some puree and milk. Peanut butter toast. Waffles with whipped cottage cheese or avocado. Fried/over easy eggs, yogurt (I usually add baby oatmeal for more vitamins, the probiotic one is great!!) mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus/broccolini, Mac and cheese (add a few eggs for more protein, almost like carbonara) meatballs. Basically I keep trying stuff. Just cuz he refuses it once, doesn't mean I don't offer it again. Last night we did cheese ravioli! He was a fan.

Try offering solids instead of purées, some babies just aren’t a fan of purées. Join Weaning the BLW way on Facebook is a great group for advice, tips for picky eaters x

@Cara just be mindful of the eggs as they can only eat 11g of protein a day and an egg has 6/7 depending on size :) x

@Corrina he’s not a fan of anything really except Bacon tried potatoes, French toast, eggs, Mac n cheese etc he’s just extremely picky with what he eats he makes a stink face with any food

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