Uterine prolapse or normal?

Embarrassing topic hence anonymous. I am 36 weeks pregnant and just now I’ve noticed that my vaginal opening is “bulging” and something doesn’t feel quite right down there. There is no pain or bleeding just feels a bit uncomfortable. I have bad anxiety and after googling it I am now worried I may potentially have uterine prolapse. Or is vaginal swelling/bulging a normal thing this close to the due date? I have an antenatal appointment tomorrow morning with my midwife, however if I bring this up, will she be able to do a vaginal exam/check to put my mind at rest or advise further? I have anxiety so I don’t want to ask her unless it’s something they can even offer to do at antenatal appointments or if she’d refer me to my GP.
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She’ll definitely be able to have a look! It is quite normal for the area to swell in pregnancy

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