Does anyone work in a primary school as a teacher or admin and can honestly tell me if you get sick of those parents who ring often about different things and seem over protective and anxious? My child hasnt started yet and i’ve already needed to ring loads about things. I cant help but think they’re sick of me already and i’ve probably got a rep 🙈
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The worst is rudeness. If you have questions they will be happy to answer but maybe try putting a few in an an email together.

Sounds like you have anxiety issues in general so this'll be difficult but really don't worry about what they think! They get so many calls I'm sure they barely remember yours.

Best thing you can do is ask for a meeting with your teacher/deputy head. Explain that your child is starting school soon and you’re feeling very anxious about it. Ask is there a dedicated pastoral manager you can contact via email for when you need clarification on something and they should be able to help you! Trust me, schools are used to anxious parents as they are looking after your babies so you’re bound to feel worried about things! Your kids are your precious pearls! Respect works both ways tho so as long as your kind and understanding the school should be exactly the same back to you. Parents and schools have to work as a team for the sake of the kids so as long as your in a good school, they should me more than happy to help ease the anxiety you may face! Please do your due diligence when choosing primary schools tho, as some are run much better than others 👍🏽 ❤️

I found pretty much everything can be forgiven with a good box of biscuits to the staff room 😂

I’ve always been very polite and asked good questions as what i want to know isnt written. The receptionist I’ve ended up speaking to few times already knows my voice and child’s name. Although they are polite i’m sure they probably fed up of me 🫣🙈

As everyone has said, it's almost certainly fine. Parents get anxious about their babies. It's normal. I'm not sure you'll believe anyone though!

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