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My baby is 13 weeks and was previously doing 5/6hr stretches but now goes down 8-12 then seems to be up every 2 hrs after that! Sometimes takes us an hour to feed and settle her. I’m trying to stick. To her wake windows during the day and not let her naps go on for too long (4-5hrs per day over 4/5 naps). I use white noise, room as dark as possible. Does anyone have any ideas?? The room is 19/20 degrees and she’s in a vest, sleepsuit and 1 tog sleep sack.
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How do you think she would manage with 3 longer naps in the day rather than 4/5 shorter ones?

I’m jealous your baby sleeps in the day. If I’m lucky I get 2 hours all day from mine. 30 min cat naps at a time. Pretty sure she’s trying to cause me a mental breakdown. As for night, perhaps a bigger feed? Would that help?

@Amy she only does long naps in the sling! If I put her in the cot it’s 30 mins cat naps 🥲

Hi lovely, my baby is almost 14 weeks and he’s going through the exact same thing. Last night, it took me three hours to settle him back down! Some days he sleeps loads in the day other days, maybe just an hour in total. I don’t think the windows make much difference with how they sleep at night. I personally think this is developmental. All I keep thinking is it won’t be like this forever. Xx

My boy averages about 25 minutes per nap in the day. Unless he’s in the sling or sometimes the pram. The first stretch of sleep he has 3.5-4 hours and the second stretch 2.5-3 hours and the last stretch roughly 2 hours at night. His wake windows are about 1hr 15 - 1 hr 40 depending on what activity we do whilst awake and how much he feeds during that wake window. His first long stretch starts at 9/10pm (sometimes even 11) x

We have very loud white noise constantly throughout the night and only change to nursery rhymes or “daytime sounds” at 7-8am. We have a galaxy projector I have on red mode. Sleep sack at night but not in the day. I think all babies just have their moments and I don’t think this stage will last forever. I’ve always been jealous of the mums who have babies that sleep the night through but I just think of it in a way that my baby is just waking because he needs me or needs something from me. Not to be a nuisance. It’s hard but you’re not alone 💙

My 13 week old is the same re increase in night wakes (went from 5-7hrs to now every 2-3hrs) and feeds. And then fights his daytime naps and only seems to settle in pram or sometimes boob. This article helped explain it though -

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