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I currently have a 5 1/2 month old. We’re about to switch him to his room in a crib at night. He does great at night but he still only contact naps. I want to start doing the Ferber method for nap training AGAIN (I tried when he was 3 month old) but he is relentless and has before cried and screamed for over an hour. Anyone have advice on what to do??!! Please help 🙏
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Honestly letting them cry like that will probably just make it harder 😭 it just raises their stress levels

I started with just one nap a day in the crib. If it was only 30 minutes, that was fine and I took her out right away and had her up for another 2 hours. I made sure she was tired enough when I put her in there, put her in her sleep sack and had the sound machine on and black out curtains. I’d pat and shush until she fell asleep which only took a couple minutes. If she started fussing id come back in 5 minutes, pat and shush l, then 10 minutes and do the same but she usually fell asleep after the 5 minute check

I started laying next to my son to get him to nap. We started with him snuggled up and nursing, and now I can be a little further and have a hand on him or have him suck a finger, and he’ll fall asleep. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep sucking his own thumb. I’m trying to gradually phase out the sleep support. If your baby is used to contact naps maybe this method will work for you too!

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