Hi I have 10 days left until my due date and I have 3 house cats I’m a little nervous how they may react around my baby once he’s born
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We have pets too. Our plan is for my husband to bring home one of the baby's hats or blankets that smell of them(dirty)from the hospital. He will let them smell it and give them treats. That way they will already know the baby's smell when we bring the baby home.

@Korie that’s actually a really good idea

I’m selling mine , as I know he is too temperamental

We've been playing baby crying noises to our cat over past few months every now and again and have rubbed baby socks on her so the socks will smell like her. We also plan to make sure she's got a quiet space she can go to away from the baby and have got some Feliway. I think I'm most worried she's going to be really jealous as my partner likes to cuddle her like a baby, but we'll just have to do our best to navigate that. We've also got a cat net to go over the bassinet as we don't want to risk the cat climbing in with the baby

@CC I’ve planned on doing the same thing with playing the baby noises I’m just worried as they haven’t really been around a baby before so it’s all new to them I’m just hoping they will be ok once he’s here

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