I have a question. My cousin used to be with an OBGYN doctor from a different country right. But now he is in the US. So every time he sees me and I am rubbing my belly because I have stomach pain after eating or I just rub it a little bit just because it’s just a moment right, then he tells me stop don’t rub your belly so much it is bad, I have NEVER ever heard that in my life the whole years I been around pregnant ladies. So someone please tell me, I tried google and it said try avoiding it during first trimester but that’s it. Thank you 🤔 because I am confused.
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I have never been told not to. I mean I wouldn't do it really hard or anything but I rub my belly and my first kid was fine and I am on my second. Guess I should ask my obgyn

@Alyssa exactly, I just rub it easy and also like a massage after I shower when I put lotion or oil. But I guess I will have to ask as well, because he said it stimulates contractions.

I’ve never heard that either. I have actually read that rubbing it with lotion/ oil for 15 min twice a day helps reduce stretching marks

@Kennedie right, that’s why I do it and to help reduce itchiness from the stretching!

The way they use the ultrasound wand I think you’re good! And all the other motions our bodies go through?

Ha! Not true—does not stimulate contractions, but i think it is more true that it helps with itchiness and scratching—tell him to talk to an OBGYN, just because he was with one before AND in a foreign country doesn’t mean it’s true

@Abby yep that’s exactly what I tell him that hun we in US, that is somewhere else 🤣😆

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