Boy & Girl names 🤰💗💙

Baby’s surname will be Pickersgill. We have no other children. I like more traditional names and my boyfriend likes more modern/different names, so it’s safe to say we cannot decide 😂 help is needed!!
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Can you settle for a traditional name with a modern nickname? Depends how modern we’re talking I guess 🤣

i was also going to suggest maybe a more traditional name which has the potential for a more unsual/modern nickname - ie Charles, with Arlo as a nickname, or Delilah with Dolly as a nn, Primrose nn Posy, Atticus, nn Kit or Beatrice nn Birdie etc do you have any examples of a few names you like and a few your boyfriend likes, to get an idea of what you're looking for?

So these are some ‘traditional’ names but not very common: Evander Darius Ambrose Benedict Gideon Leander Demetrius Sylvan Rupert Bramwell

🩷 Sienna Pickersgill Cambria Pickersgill Calista Pickersgill Julie Pickersgill Robin Pickersgill 💙 Millard Pickersgill Wilson Pickersgill Conley Pickersgill Briston Pickersgill Beckham Pickersgill

I like Arlo, that’s nice! We like Annie for a girl and Arthur for a boy. I’ve suggested Sienna but that was a strong no from my boyfriend haha which I thought he’d like! I just don’t want such a peculiar modern name where the baby will go through life having funny looks 😂 xx

Lucinda, Annalise,Adaline,Ashlynn, Beatrice, Blair, Charlotte, Camille, Calliope, Christine Delphine,Diana, Daisy, Ella,Emma, Elodie, Eloise,Elara,Fiona, Helena,Heidi,Josephine,jainey, Katarina, Leonia, Liliana, magnolia, Marceline, Madeline, Ophelia, Prue, Ruth, Regina, Sadie, serenity, Saraphina, Thea, violet,

Raphael Jeremiah (Remi) Deacon Jackson

@Emily I had a friend growing up called Anastasia that went by Annie as a nickname thought it was cute ❤️

Vincent Pickersgill Bennett Pickersgill Harvey Pickersgill Porter Pickersgill 🩵 Nellie Pickersgill Lucy Pickersgill Juliet Pickersgill Adele Pickersgill 🩷

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