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Could you choose if you want to be awake with a spinal during section or asleep?? I know in Europe you can choose, i don’t know how it works here Also, in case you are fully asleep you still have to get a spinal? Sorry for the stupid question lol!
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If you’re put under it’s general anesthesia instead of a spinal. Only less than 6% of c-sections are performed under general and it’s usually only if it’s absolutely needed as there are a lot of extra risks that can come with it. So you’ll probably be told no if just requesting because you want it in the US, also would be the same here in the UK/ Europe

I had my baby in Europe and was awake during the C section. I wasn't given the option if I wanted to be awake or asleep. They just gave me the Spinal one.

I didn’t have an option and was awake. Mine was also emergency and I already had my epidural

In the uk you’re awake. Tends to only be a general anaesthetic if there’s an emergency and no time or situation to do a spinal.

In the UK, if you have spinal/epidural during surgery and are awake for it. You can have your birthing partner their with you whoever it may be and get contact with baby as soon as possible as long as everything is okay. If you're put to sleep, it's literally just you and surgeons in the room. Your birthing partner is no longer allowed in the operation and have to wait in recovery for you and baby

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