Breastfed baby not taking formula

My 8 month old has been breastfed since birth. In the first few months I would pump regularly and she was introduced to a bottle from 5 weeks although not consistently. Around 6 weeks ago we decided to try some formula for when I go back to work. She initially took this really well and we were giving her a bottle every night. Then my husband and I went out for our anniversary 4 weeks ago and she refused to take the bottle with my MIL and ever since has refused the bottle from anyone including me. We tried putting breast milk in the bottle and she still refused that. We then tried formula in a sippy cup and she took it. However, last night she refused the formula from the sippy cup. I return to work in 6 weeks doing 12.5 hour shifts and am worried she’s not going to take any milk. She’s on 3 meals a day and eats really well but still has 4 breastfeeds in the day. Any advice would be appreciated.
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For us we had to wean the tiniest bit of formula starting with 5oz of breastmilk and 1oz of formula and slowly over a couple weeks doing less breast milk. Also the only brand of formula ours would accept taste wise was Baby's Only Organic.

Mix breast milk in & slowly decrease the amount x

@Morgan the problem is she’s not taking the expressed milk either

@Sarah she won’t take the expressed milk either

I’d probably just stay persistent with it, keep trying every single day. I’d offer the bottle before you breastfeed, but if she continues to refuse, you could try putting her on the boob first for a little bit then switching it out for the bottle. My baby was similar but with never taking a bottle and then one day she just randomly took it, without us actually doing anything different. Good luck x

So I have the same problem and I went to go and talk to our local feeding team about it. They said what your LO will do is if she won’t take the formula from anyone and she won’t have the expressed milk out a bottle or cup either (mine won’t) then they will cluster feed when you are together again. So they will feed constantly on and off for a few hours until bedtime. This is what I was told anyway xx

@Kerri I’ve heard about this but as my shifts are so long and I won’t get home until gone 9pm and she’ll already be in bed I’m scared she’ll just want to feed constantly through the night 😩

@Shantelle thank you! I’ll give this a go!

@Mabel oh sorry that wasn’t helpful 😩 I mean your baby will be nearly 10 months by the time you go back to work and some babies wean themselves off milk. If she refuses the formula or expressed milk all together, then all you can do is give her multivitamins and ensure she has a well balanced diet xx

@Kerri oh no I’m grateful for your input. That’s a good point- hoping my husband can add some formula or expressed milk to her meals so at least she gets some milk that way but fingers crossed I can find a way for her to take a bottle again

Have you tried different bottles? Mine is only 3 months but has somehow forgotten how to drink from a bottle in the few weeks since we gave her expressed milk. We were advised ti let her play with the bottle and to try different types. Not sure how useful this is to an older baby though

@Emma not yet as she’s had the same bottles since birth and they’re not cheap 😩 so wanted to explore other options first but I think I’m gunna have to. I have been letting her play with an empty bottle which has helped a bit she now doesn’t push the bottle away as soon as you put it near her. Hope it works for your little one!

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