Yeast Infection

Has anyone dealt with a yeast infection and how quickly did the symptoms resolve?
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Are you currently pregnant? Most providers will recommend OTC treatment like Monistat- if you aren’t pregnant I highly recommend Diflucan (Fluconazole). Symptoms are gone within days. If using Monistat and you’re pregnant make sure you get the 7 day one as the dosage is safer for pregnant women. Monistat- symptoms improved in 3-4 days, gone by 6 or 7. Diflucan- symptoms gone in 2 days(ish) for me.

I would definitely get something ASAP. I tried to wait it out thinking it wasn’t anything serious and it only got worse lol. Definitely what Michaela said !!

I did get fluconazole and took it on Sunday but still haven’t felt relief yet I’m wondering if I need another round of it if it doesn’t go away

I had one while pregnant and had to shoot up some stuff up my 🐱 it resolved in 3-4 days

I think I have one but I’m not sure, what are your symptoms?

@Sullivan I Was having pelvic/pain during sex but no other issues and after I got tested I was having itching/burning when peeing and a lot of frequent urination. I also started having a lot of discharge with no odor but it’s always been my normal as far as I could remember but it seemed a bit more excessive this time.

I had never had one then kept them for the entire 9 months of my pregnancy with my daughter, it was torture. Since I was pregnant I used monistat cream (which is uncomfortable and only temporarily relieves symptoms for me). My advice is to go to your OB as soon as possible to have some oral medication prescribed to clear it up in a few days

I had two while pregnant both times monistat vaginal 7 day treatments cleared them right up just look for a box that says monistat7 (at pretty much any store with a pharmacy) then follow the instructions and it should be gone in a week

Drink lots of water or fluids it will help you flush your system. I get frequent utis they are definitely not fun. Warm baths will help with pain and a heating pad on your pelvic area helps as well

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