Lack of symptoms

I'm 8 weeks and still not a huge amount of symptoms. My boobs are bigger and painful (some days more painful than others), I'm feeling tired and bloated but no nausea or sickness. I know most people say I should count myself lucky but I can't help but worry! It doesn't really feel real. Anyone else in the same boat?
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No cramping or spotting so I'm presuming that's a good sign!

I'm in the same boat!

It sounds like you are having normal symptoms to me. Some people experience nausea and some people don't. And ultimately, what you must remember, is that symptoms don't equate to the health of the pregnancy. Just because you have symptoms doesn't mean everything is going as it should. And like wise, just because you have none, doesn't mean something is wrong.

I am the same. I am 9 wks and simialr symptoms to you. I spoke to the midwife on Saturday and she said its 1 in 3 women don't experience any nausea or sickness. So I wouldn't worry.

Just count yourself lucky! 😅 I’m the opposite 😭

Same here! Started to have nausea but it’s constant and never actually get sick

Same! I’ve had sore boobs, belly is defo growing although I’m not that far along, stretching, food cravings and tiredness. Im counting my lucky stars no sickness hope it continues but I also get it I get anxious about it

I’m the same, first pregnancy and I’m 8wks1 and only symptoms I have is exhaustion and boob pain, no nausea or sickness. I haven’t had any spotting and tests are coming back with a very solid line 😂 so assuming everything is ok! (Old wives tales that sickness mostly happens with girls)

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