Screaming toddler!!

Is anyone else’s baby in a screaming phase. My girl is 19 months and I have a newborn. Lately she’s been screaming when she doesn’t get her way. Not yelling but screaming and makes herself louder if you try to stop her. You would think she was getting beat the way she screams so loud. It really gets me upset because I don’t know how to make her stop and because she’s screaming now her baby brother is crying loud. I’m on the verge of snapping fr. Hubby does help a lot but she just doesn’t stop sometimes and like she’s gonna scream so loud she makes herself almost throw up. Ignoring her doesn’t help/ trying to make her sit down doesn’t help/ yelling back does nothing either. I feel so defeated atp
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My 19 month old is doing the samething.

both my 2.5 and 1.5 year old are SCREAMERS. i stg they never stop

What i have tried is being calm at these situations- just leave the room and goto diff room. Dont react. After a point they mellow down, when they know not getting attention. Not always - but works quite a times

When my son was experimenting with volume (aka random screaming around the house), I had an old peanut butter jar we called the "scream jar." I told him (around 15-18mo) if he had extra screams he could put them in the scream jar. It worked until he lost interest in screaming in a week or two. My daughter was a little older when her brother was born but also had an adjustment period that involved screaming (around 30 mo). We talked a lot about where screaming is ok and not ok, but a few times I had to take her outside until the she got all of her screams out. I stayed with her the whole time, of course. It was awful for me (I am noise sensitive) but I encouraged her to keep going even after her tantrum was dying down so she could really see it wasn't going to affect me and I love her even when she's screaming like crazy. We only had to do this one long time and one shorter time, but it reinforced the discussions we were having that screams are ok in the backyard or park, but not ok inside the house or car.

Yeah my son just had a meltdown because I wouldn't let him run and jump while eating. He didn't want to let go of the food so I put him in his high chair and just walked away. He continued to scream so after a couple mins I came back and took the food and told him he could finish it later. Then I had to spend what felt like an eternity just trying to soothe him and tell him I only wanted him to be safe and that it was ok to be angry/sad. Brace yourselves, the terrible 2s are coming!

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