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So I got given a scan for tomorrow after being in the maternity triage last night I told the baby’s dad about it and asked if he would take me he said yes he wants to be there anyway fast forward to today I get a call saying it will be at 8 on Wednesday so I ring him to tell him he then tells me he can’t take me because he’s booked overtime at work and him earning money is more important even after that comment I rearranged the scan appointment for later today he is now mad I did not speak to him before rearranging it I tried to ring him multiple times before I rearranged it and got no reply so I just did it it isn’t the first time he’s done something like this where I’ve had to rearrange an appointment because he pulled this same thing I have text him ten minutes ago saying I will be ready for half five to which he’s replied I’m not coming I’ve gone out and proceeded to call my scans and appointments pointless saying the same thing happens every time he then started taking the piss out of me for having a water infection I am absolutely fed up of this man’s shit yet I still try all the time to make sure he’s involved in his sons life should I just give up and do this by myself he’s doing nothing but making it harder for me
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If that was me I'd give up hun

I understand that they may not be able to make all scans but to say overtime is more important would hit me hard especially if i had been in the maternity triage . If he doesn't want to be involved in the run up to babies birth then maybe he shouldn't be at babies birth. Get back up birthing partner because you will need someone who is supportive

I'd give up. Get yourself there by taxi. Your scans are important and baby is more important than him.

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