I'm just now going into my third trimester, 28 weeks and 3 days, and for about maybe 4-5 days now my ankle on my left side is killing me, I'm lipping and wincing anytime I have to move, Tylenol doesn't work anymore, hasn't for months, and Ive been to two hospitals, both told me it's just cramps and to stretch but stretching and exercising makes it worse, it's been almost a week now of pain and I don't know what to do and I just want it to stop
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Yes, I get swollen feet when on my feet for a long period of time. You need to put your feet up, I suggest more in bed like Abby has said above. Stay hydrated too. I bought some clarins energising emulsion for tired legs, which will help.

@Abby I don't have access to things that could make it easier for me But I've definitely tried to make pregnancy pillows outta like sweat pants

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