Need some hope please… temporary/ council housing

Hey all, I’m currently in temporary housing with my 2 kids waiting for a 2 bed. Without going into it too much I’m in Band 2 and finding things extremely hard at the moment. It’s taken a massive toll on my mental health and I feel helpless not being able to do anything to get myself out of this situation. Please no judgement I really am trying. I know Bristol council is very busy and I’m bidding weekly but currently still around 200 people in front of me on homechoice. Has anyone been in this situation? I hate to think I’ll still be moved around different temporary accommodations in another couple years time and how my kids will be affected by it. Do I still stand a chance of getting something in the next year or a direct offer or is it hopeless? Trying to clutch at straws here…
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Following as I’m in this situation too and praying for some advice too 💗

Drop me a message :) x

Hiya! I’ve been in temp myself and so was my sister For me it depended I was willing to bid on flats so got a place in around 3 months I was 7th and was moved 3 times My sister was in temp for a year or so moved a fair few times ended up with a flat (she was 8th) and then after a few years and fighting she was moved to a 3 bed house for her and her two kids (both autistic) Within a year is definitely doable but it will depend on what you can and are willing to bid on every week is very different some weeks there was 10 properties and others 3 Don’t give up hope keep your head up and try to be out of the property as much as you can to keep the stress at bay and the kids won’t think anything of it Drop me a message if you need some support or to moan or literally anything 💕

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