Smoking during pregnancy

Hi! I’ve been so sick my entire pregnancy, I’m now 24 weeks and still underweight, the only thing that allows me to eat is smoking 🍃. I’ve tried to quit multiple times and will go days without eating and continually throwing up. I have the worst anxiety I dint want to be harming my baby by either not eating or by smoking has anyone smoked the entirety of their pregnancy? I know a few moms who have but I don’t want to talk to anyone about it of fear of someone thinking I want to harm my baby:(
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It’s more important to be able to eat and nourish your body for baby!

i smoked during my pregnancy! i was in the same boat everything made me puke and the only thing that helped was smoking. my baby is 6 months old meets all his milestones and is very attentive! do what helps you stay nourished for your baby !

There are other, healthier, ways of managing sickness and eating during pregnancy which don’t harm your baby, such as medication. Smoking has been repeatedly proven to be harmful to baby, and there is no safe amount of cannabis to your baby in utero. You wouldn’t let a newborn inhale the smoke, so you shouldn’t let an unborn baby do so either. It’s a very dangerous survival bias to say some babies are fine after it, because so many aren’t, and yours may not be so lucky. The health of your baby should always be the primary concern. I’d definitely do actual research and speak with your health professionals who can support you through this process.

@Aggs I’d like you to know my health professional and about three other doctors said cannabis is one of the healthiest ways of managing sickness. It’s better to eat an edible then to smoke it but smoking provides instant relief and the only thing bad is the fact that you aren’t inhaling oxygen when you’re inhaling smoke hence the reason edibles are more recommended. Are you really just going through this group trying to put moms down?

Pointing out survival bias and offering new information is not putting anyone down. It’s healthy to know both sides, and it’s your defensiveness which labels it as negative. Because it doesn’t blindly validate someone? OP has also specified smoking which is what I referenced.

I smoked my whole pregnancy ( very minimal) and my baby was born healthy and still is a healthy thriving bub today :) Eating is defs more important!!

@Kaya Smith please do realise aggs is uk based where our recommendations on smoking, drugs etc during pregnancy are vastly different and there is not enough research into consuming cannabis during pregnancy in any form to say for sure its safe/unsafe however some practitioners abroad will advise you continue if its stopping symptoms so bad it’d be as/more detrimental to you and your babies health. However you cannot say the only bad thing is the fact you arent inhaling oxygen when you’re smoking like its a minor thing, oxygen deprivation can cause brain damage etc and you can easily make your baby go into distress from repeated moments of zero oxygen, smoking and cannabis use to me are two very separate things, one we know is awful for unborn children so is selfish to do and one which theres not enough research on so should really only be absolutely last resort but I understand for some women medication isn’t enough

Could you switch to edibles ? Understand that to do so would probably mean having to eat one while high n then time doses so you’re not uncovered and its not ideal but better than smoking, if its legal where you are id discuss with your doctor and they can advise on alternatives or advise on your use and the safest possible manner to do so/ how to attempt weaning off and how regularly to do so

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