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Has anyone use the breastfeeding wireless pump machine from mom cozy? Is it good? And is it worth it to get the two boobies or one at a time is good enough?
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I have the two, works perfect for me, just have to make sure it’s closed properly. I even take it with me and can pump anywhere while having brunch with the girls or on the go. Def. Worth it

I have one (two sides will be a better use of your time) but to start I needed a hospital grade pump which I rented to get my supply up as the mom cozy is not strong enough for that. Once my supply is established probably in a couple weeks I will go back and try it. So in other words if you need help with establishing milk supply it may not be strong enough.

I have two but was super disappointed to find out that even after following all their instructions, they leak unless I use lanolin cream to seal the parts more tightly and hold them tight to my skin for the whole time that I’m pumping. I’m in the process of requesting a replacement as I’ve heard other people have experienced the same thing/the pump motors breaking down etc, and some of them have gotten new pumps from Momcozy after providing videos of the leak. I’d say it’s a hit or miss - yours might be fine, just wanted to share my experience as a heads up :/

I have two of the mom cozy pumps and absolutely love them. I'd get both then you have them you don't have to use both if you don't want to

Thanks girls! I just ordered the two, hopefully it will be good. I’m starting my milk bank

I have the mom cozy 12.I have both sides and definitely a necessity to get things done or on the go. Just make sure it’s securely tight and milk won’t spill. I had a lot of trial and error. I found the pump was really strong for me. I have to do a lower setting. They will leak if you don’t secure them probably so make sure everything is tight and you should be okay!

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