You think I could use my breast pump a little bit to try and get things going?

I’m 39 weeks today and have had no complications this pregnancy. Doctor is going to talk about induction possible for next week, but I really want him to come naturally.
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My first child came at 40 weeks and 5 days. I was scheduled to be induced 1 day after he came naturally. I did a lot of walking and used an exercise ball to rush things along

If I was able to produce milk/colostrum, I would totally try it. They say nipple stimulation helps 🤷‍♀️ plus, maybe you’ll get some colostrum out of it!

@Taylor well I just did a 15 min session and nothing came out lol

When I use my pump I don’t really get a whole lot of colostrum, maybe the accessories are wrong idk… but if you do manual stimulation that might be better and maybe you’ll actually some come! I always get 10ml when I hand express but not much with the pump at all

@Mariana ahh well I’ve never really cared about the colostrum part honestly. My milk always comes in after baby is born. I’m just trying to stimulate labor honestly lol

Doesn’t hurt to try! Try the miles circuit out too.

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