Daughter's ear piercing troubles

She got them done last year and we have had issues ever since. Cheap metal causes infections, so I switched to a higher quality but she still gets build up. Anytime I go to clean, they bleed. The backside hole has become enlarged and the backing gets swallowed up into it. Cleaning them is painful for her. Is my only option to take them out and close up, although it will leave a visible scar? Any idea why her skin has had such a hard time? She is 4yro and we waited for her to ask but I regret it so much now because of how problematic is has been 😪
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I would take the jewelry out until the skin is healed. I’m allergic to nickel and had a hard time with jewelry growing up. Had to be nickel free and sensitive. Give her ears a break, clean with saline and apply antibiotic ointment on it at least twice a day. I remember using hydrogen peroxide every so often when the skin was really raw to disinfect but wouldn’t recommend doing that often. It was also itchy as it was healing and me rubbing them made it difficult to heal.

Try a silicone backing or something?

It could be an allergy. I'm allergic to a lot of metals, including pure silver It's possible the back is on too tight, I know it's swollen in the image, but when it's not swollen the back should not be touching the ear

Could be allergic. I had to have pure gold or silver in my ears

Have you tried surgical steel jewelry?

I’m a body piercer, I would honestly take her to your closest studio and have them install high quality jewellery, also, if they was done with a gun, it could of caused blunt force trauma to her ears, so definitely get a piercer to check them out and they’ll be able to give you more information :)

Thank so much you guys! Great feedback. We have nickel free earings in and STILL get build up. The red shown above isn't swelling but blood. I go through multiple tissues when cleaning her ears. We do normally use a plastic backing but this weekend put in a different pair, well my husband did, and had these crappy backings on. I clean her ears often but the crust goes all the way down the back of her ears and near her neck, that's how much build up there is 🫤

@Charlotte she got them pierced by a gun 😵‍💫🥴 thank you for the advice!!

I second everything @Charlotte said!

My advice would honestly be to take them out and let them heal, once they’ve healed take her to a reputable piercer and have them done again (not with a gun) The scar shouldn’t be overly visible, maybe a small one but once they are redone, the piercer can work with the previous ones and potentially hide the scar :)

@Charlotte I agree here. And go with white or yellow gold, few allergies with those metals. Even surgical steel can irritate sensitive people (myself included).

Some bodies just reject piercings. However I would strongly advise removing that piercing before the swelling engulfs the earring and it's a hospital trip which is much more damaging than a small scar. The best anti allergy is titanium and I would recommend a sleeper hoop which are very inexpensive. £10-£15 on amazon

https://amzn.eu/d/ad14yPd I use these all the time x

Could be an allergy to something I the metal. I'm allergic to nickle and in Canada all our metal has atleast .5% nickle in it so I'm unable to wear jewelery in my ears unless it's plastic or 24k gold from somewhere that doesn't mix metals (for instance costa rica) I just go without earrings now. Wasn't worth all the hassle for me

Maybe the metal. I can only wear gold

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Most people are right when it comes to handling it, you might wanna let it heal. It's very common I have allergies and all different high-quality metals from gold to silver to nickel. I would look for something more align of surgical steel for when you do go to put jewelry back back in however, the homemade clothes as it heals, even if it's only partially. Before just getting them pierced, after they heal, I would warm compress the earlobe before putting in Jewlery and then if it doesn't go right through try gentle pressure and swirling the post in circles inside the hole and it might work its way out without having to puncture .

I actually had to get my daughter the cheaper earrings the Hypoallergenic ones and get hoops so her ear can breathe

Just hear to say, that even if you try different metals including gold and higher quality, she may just be allergic to ALL, I am that way and so are my nieces. We can't wear anything, and my nieces have resorted to clip ons. That reason is why I haven't pierced my girls ears, until they can fully understand all repercussions

I personally would take them out. If they're bleeding after a year of being pierced keeping them in is doing more damage than anything. They should not be bleeding after a year. And honestly cleaning every day is not necessary. It agitates the skin. I have 7 ear piercings. My main holes are gauged to 1/2 inch but my other piercings I got later in life and I never cleaned them every day. Every other day or every 2 days at best. I only ever clean my gauged holes every day because if I'm not wearing silicone they get a little smelly lol. I'd let the old holes heal and then take her to a piercing shop. No gun piercings.

When I was young I could only wears pure silver or gold with latch rather then back

I'm trying to see the back placement of the piercing because it looks too close to the base of her head, but I'm also over here angry at whoever pierced her the first time because I wanna blame them🤣❤️ I was highly allergic to most piercings so to this day i only ever do sterile steel. It can't be nickel etc. if it's not steal my ears will hurt, get green, and if I left it to its demise become nasty & puffy like this before id rip it out. So I'm hoping it's just from the type of jewelry she's used (if you haven't already tried them all) I'd use rubbing alcohol & wipe with an alcohol swab/ wipe daily on the affected ear lobe/ lobes. The swelling & red should go down, using the alcohol daily/ wipes ensures it stays clean (only use warm water to compress the ear/ no soap yet. I wouldn't agitate it. I like all the advice above about let it close & go to a reputable piercer next time.. but I also don't want you to just give up on seeing if it's just certain types of jewelry. Hang in there mama❤️ she's fine

You all have been SO helpful! Thank you girls! 🥰 We have one pair of earings that do not make her bleed, but she still gets crust build up inside. I have only been cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, so very helpful for the person who mentioned using something else. So much helpful information, I will try everything before removing the earings permanently. My husband showed me he put in cheap Claire's earings over the weekend to match an outfit she had on 😅 we bought too many when she got them pierced not knowing she would be allergic. I've probably been doing something wrong as well with treatment so super grateful for all of you ❤️

Try solace jewlery I was having issues with my daughters but these are great hypoallergenic ones. But first I tri having some hypoallergenic small hooped ones so the area can breathe and keep cleaning with cooled boiled salt water. https://solacejewellery.co.uk/

The crust is probably pus, which is white blood cells trying to heal it. Try the wound wash and air it out. Keep hair up too! Good luck!

Send me a message and I’ll help you the best I can, unfortunately some of the advice given on this thread is incorrect, please don’t put anything on the area except saline solution or just good old water from the tap without seeking advice from a doctor, but please drop me a message

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