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So my first baby came naturally with my water breaking at 37w6d, not needing any intervention. My second baby is trying to be completely different 😅 I’ve been walking 1.5 hrs daily, and each walk is full of contractions the whole time… that’s about the only time I have them. I had my 39w1d appointment today, and I opted for my first cervical check. 3cm/50%/-2 station. I know that these checks could mean nothing, but we scheduled an induction for Sunday morning if she doesn’t come by then due to risk of hypertension. My question is: has anybody else had this same experience that I’m having with my second???
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Yep…. I’ve been 2cm for weeks. Due date is three days away. Besides just being uncomfortable there are no other signs that labor is anywhere close for me.

Had to be induced with both my babies and with this third one, he’s still not making any signs to come out.

@Janelle @Blair these babies are just camping out at this point 😅 I bought pineapple and raspberry leaf tea today to try more “hacks”. I had a NST done today too since she’s been pretty dormant the past few days, and she refused to move for the longest 🙃

Yes… my first came just after my due date with very little intervention. Trying all the things, but this one is still hanging on with NO signs labor is coming at nearly 41 weeks. I’m starting to get discouraged and worried about induction….

I’m trying to get my membrane swept this week if I’m dilated enough.

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