Breastfed babies

Hv concerned as baby has been losing weight exclusively breastfed. Has advice to do formula top ups. Anyone else experienced this
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Hello. If they’re concerned, they should be referring to the infant feeding team/specialist health visitor for breastfeeding/lactation consultant. Each NHS trust will have a pathway to follow. Sometimes formula will be advised, but they should be looking at supporting you in other ways first if they haven’t. Obviously depends on how much weight baby has lost and additional factors - but ask for further assessment if you’re not happy with the advice x

My son didn’t latch initially and had issues with weight gain so I know how stressful this can be. I expressed and combi fed him, then when he did latch I was advised to give 30ml top-ups (max) which I did after each feed and then pumped to help build up my supply and slowly dropped the no of top ups and the volume. It was a rocky start but after a couple of months we cracked it. He’s now 8 months old and still EBF. Seek help from your HV or local feeding team if you need it but try not to worry too much about the top ups if that’s what you’ve been advised ☺️

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