This 15 month regression is killing me….. 04:30 we were up today 🫠 That’s all…. Solitary for the parents out there in the same boat! Someone tells me it ends soon.
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5am every day this week, surviving on coffee!

My girl has always been an early riser 5/5.30...what time does yours go to bed?

4.30 today too 😴

It hit our household too, who even knew there was a 15 month sleep regression… not me 😅

Guys, my baby has never woken up later than 5am. I am used to it. BUT with this sleep regression she wakes up twice AND then at 4:30… tired….😴

Same here 5am everyday for past week 😮‍💨😅 also waking up through the night more than usually, do you guys know when it's end ?

We are getting super intense scream crying at 2am. We go in to resettle her and she conks out within 10 mins absolutely 100% asleep and then she’s awake 15-20 mins later doing the same thing again 🫠🤪 also earlier than usual rises. So far she’s not fighting bedtime much but my god just when you think you’ve found a winning formula they flip the script 🥵

@Monica Pereira we are going through exactly the same 😫

@Charlotte yep I have that with my little girl too. Any idea when it gets better or anything that we can do to? We’re shattered!

Well joining this app tonight helped me learn that there is a 15 month regression and it’s not that my child is all of a sudden the devil at 4am!!!

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