Full-time work & nursery illness

Excuse the silly question, but what do you guys do work-wise when your kids are off ill from nursery, especially if it’s something that needs an extended time off (say chicken pox or hand, foot & mouth)? My son will be starting nursery in September so I can go back to full-time work. His dad already works full-time and we unfortunately don’t have the luxury of family to help care for LB so he’ll be in nursery full-time 5 days a week. I know my partners mum would watch him on the one off (say just a tummy bug & off for a day or 2) but it wouldn’t be a regular thing. Just worried about navigating it all as I’m not sure either of our works would be best pleased about us taking time off. Anyone else in this situation, what do you do?
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I'm lucky as me and my husband don't work exactly the same hours and we both have jobs that are as understanding as they can be. Our son comes before work always, if he needs one of us at home we'll try to split it equally between us and honestly if my boss isn't happy they can do one but that hasn't been the case at all for us x

Both my husband and I are teachers which has always made it difficult when either of our two are poorly and can't go to their childcare as we can't work from home. Would it be possible with your job that you'd be able to work from home on those days? If not, my husband and I just have to alternate who has to take time off to look after our poorly little ones. It'll all depend on your work whether you'll get paid for it or be expected to take it unpaid. I think my work allow a certain number of days a year paid for childcare or something like that. As someone said above, our kids come first and if it is seen as difficult at work to have time off for ours kids, then so be it. I'm sure most bosses are understanding! X

I do my best to WFH around little one being home, but it’s pretty much a write off when they are sick (and they get sick a lot when they first start) I’m lucky my boss is understanding and I log in early whilst bubs is still asleep, then during naps times. Companies normally allow time for unexpected childcare emergencies check your policies x

I just have to take the day off tbh & say I can’t go in as I’ve no childcare and see what my boss offers. Occasionally they allow special leave, or I have to use my annual leave or take a sick day myself. Me and my partner alternate and I will say this was happening weekly during the early stages x

Either I work what I can and take the rest as time off, or the in laws watch little one

My LO is in nursery 5 days a week. She started 3 days a week in November last year and sorry to say but she was ill a lot. We went through 4 months of illness all 3 of us. We don't have family here but we both work from home. When she is ill we both try to organise our meetings in a way that one of us can look after her, it's not easy but now it's much better.

My husband and I both work full time so we share the time off work when he's been ill with something longer term like chicken pox or vomiting bug. There's nothing your employer can do about it, all parents have been through it and hopefully it will only be like this for the first year of nursery 🤞

I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home with her when she's poorly. Sometimes we will both work from home on those days so we can swap over with each other. I know you will hear a lot of people say they get ill a lot but my little girl started 4 days a week about 7 months ago and she hasn't been off that much at all xx

Unfortunately it's just one of those things, my husband and I take turns to stay off with him if he's really poorly. My MIL can do the occasional day helping too. For example this week he got hand foot and mouth, on some days I've gone in late or left early to swap with my husband, then yesterday he went to my MILs house for the day. It's really hard but I'm sure you'll find something that works. Your employer has to expect some time off for childcare

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