Leg/foot cramps - any tips/help/advice 😵‍💫

I was at a wedding on the weekend and ended up with a bad case of cramps on a few occasions throughout...then noticed I had cankles 😭. Any tricks or tips that have helped people avoid getting these again?! Thanks
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Hiya, magnesium helps sooo much with cramps, I’ve recommended to a couple of friends of mine. I’ve been taking it since the start so I haven’t had any cramps personally, and ones who started to take it noticed an improvement too. Highly recommend x

Hiya same as Laura. Magnesium is very important to be taken in pregnancy for good night sleep and equally energy levels and avoid cramps and painful braxton hicks and restless leg syndrome. U might still get all of them but way less. Just check the type of magnesium you get. I recommend bisglycinate as a good form.

I've taken magnesium since way before I was pregnant and haven't had a single cramp yet, I'm 24 weeks ... Highly recommended, alongside high potassium foods like avocado and enough salt too x

I think people underestimate the power of water and using salt correctly. I know women that cramp like crazy and have restless legs. I’ve never experienced anything (yet!) and this is my second pregnancy. And as someone who’s into fitness quite heavily… water is so Important to help tonnnnnnes of things. But cramping also. Pink Himalayan salt is a good salt to use! Too much salt in the body can cause dehydration which can lead to cramping. But too little can have the same effect

@Lauren I add salt to my water, because I do low carb my salt I take can be too low otherwise, it depends if you eat many processed foods or not x

Best salt to use is Celtic salt, not himalayan. Celtic salt is rich in magnesium already and the healthiest out there 😊

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